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reals distributeur eaxtron

Reals Official EAXTRON Distributor

Reals offers its customers a full range of innovative Eaxtron forklift battery connectors.

Eaxtron battery connectors offers its customers a more ergonomic, safer and durable battery plug, especially with its Low Effort range. All parts being made in France.

An analysis : continued market improvements

When the idea of Eaxtron evolved, they looked at the customer concerns and found solutions to known problems of all those who had to use connectors or electric forklifts:

eaxtron need 1

Current market power contacts present a limited contact area at a few points, causing the passage of the current in restricted spaces. This low area of energy flow automatically causes a difficult flow of current and requires a huge pressure force between the male and female to ensure acceptable conductivity.

During each cycle, the female contacts come to rip a little more on the male contacts,
creating silver filings at each passage
and making progressively difficult or impossible the connection in time.

eaxtron need 2
eaxtron besoin 3

In practice, the musculoskeletal systemof the responsible
for the connection and disconnectionis heavily solicited

Distorted contacts by wear also see their performance reduced.
In some cases, arcs can be caused by loss of contact,
with risk of damage and even danger in an explosive environment.

eaxtron need4
eaxtron need 5

Cables damage (excessive twisting, cutting flange shape) promotes oxidation
and premature aging of copper, leads to performance losses.

Connection difficulty of clogged connectors or "tight" female contacts
can lead to poorly interlocked connectors, and thus to missed loads
even electrical arcs damaging the contacts.

eaxtron need 6

Two priorities : meet the users needs and offer more safety and confort of use

Eaxtron's mission is to solve these well-known market issues through their range of connectors designed and made by battery connector specialists in association with the experts in the connectivity of aeronautic field.

The solution : Low Effort connectors range

eaxtron connector handle
eaxtron connector belt
locking connector eaxtron

80% less efforts

After several years of research and development, Eaxtron engineers have developed female contacts including Vortex technology: a pure copper clasp and silver coated to reduce the effort of connection and disconnection up to 80%.

eaxtron point 1
eaxtron point 2

Increase of the contact area

To reach the best performance while benefiting a low effort, the best solution is to increase the contact area between the male part and the female part. The unique shape of the Vortex has petals all in contact with the female socket and the male contact, promoting the smooth flow of the current.

Flexible handles

Eaxtron handles are flexible and unbreakable * to prevent injuries from sharp handles and unnecessary replacement costs.

eaxtron point 3
eaxtron point 4

Ergonomic handles

The space between the handle and the cables is provided in accordance with DIN VDE 0623-589.

Locking system

A safe connection is a locked connection! The handle mounted on the female connector is locked in a fixing ring provided on the male connector.

eaxtron point 5
eaxtron point 6

Self-centering flanges

The flanges do not only reinforce the locking of the contacts in the contact charger, but they also offer a shape matching the roundness of the cables to ensure that they are not cut, while guiding them to an optimal position.

Arcless Technology

The specific form of the contacts has been studied to meet the requirements of the manufacturers. It makes it possible to divert the initial arc of connection in the outside part of the female contact to preserve the vortex integrity beyond the 5000 cycles cap imposed by the norms.

eaxtron point 7
french battery connector
eaxtron point 8

That's not all !

- Better readability of the voltage of the devices thanks to the color flanges : for more safety !
- Ultra simplified installation thanks to a universal contact charger: For a better performance !
- "100% Made in France": French Design and Manufacture

(* under normal conditions of use)

4 possible ranges of battery connector :

eaxtron low effort connector range


Low effort connector

eaxtron standard range


standard connectors

80 amp eaxtron connector range


80 amp connector

eaxtron flat connector range


flat connectors

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